Impact of Speaking on Getting a Job

A rapidly growing computer company needed to hire two new Customer Service people. Two managers had 12 interviews lined up for the next day, and both came down with the flu the night before. Rather than postpone the interviews, the company owner conducted the interviews himself.

In 2 minutes he knew he wouldn't hire any of the applicants because of the way they spoke. To be courteous, he talked to them for 15 minutes, and afterward his secretary sent a letter saying they found someone whose skills were a better fit. His real reason for rejecting them was that their poor speaking habits wouldn't create a good image of his company on his customers and prospects.

This is happening every day in the real world. People are losing out on good paying jobs because they create a poor impression when they speak – and they don't even realize it.

In the workplace, companies want to know how you are going to help their business. If the way you speak creates a poor impression, they won't hire you.

The video clip on the previous page perfectly illustrates that:

  • 1. Speaking well can overcome a poor visual image
  • 2. How you speak is far more important than how you look
  • 3. Speak For Success will benefit you for the rest of your life

However, the opposite is not true. Looking good can't overcome speaking poorly, and that's why this program is so important.