Kids were correcting each other in the hallways and during after school activities. We will continue run the course again next year."

Maureen Sullivan, Principal

"The lessons were easy to deliver, and the quizzes tracked progress. Kids liked the team approach and it developed leadership in the students."

Maggie Mueller, Teacher

"I learned a lot and I'm now more confident when I speak."

8th grade student

"The computer exercises were fun and teams were even helping other teams."

7th grader

"I taught many lessons about grammar, word usage, sentence construction, and noun-verb agreement. Very often I had to spend hours creating my own materials to help my students understand and practice the objective I had in mind.


"Speak for Success" would have been extremely helpful as I created my lessons. I would not have had to reinvent the wheel with each lesson. I would have used the book as a guide or even as a handbook for my students.


The book is very understand-able, teaches basic but necessary speaking skills, and is laid out in a user-friendly format – a great teaching tool."

Pat Anbro
reading/writing teacher - 20 years Ellicott City, MD


"The youth of today are negatively influenced daily by a variety of cultural sources, outside of the educational setting, which discourages proper use of grammar and language skills. These problematic sources include video games, television programs, movies, social and family environments, musical lyrics, and peer pressures – all of which are negatively affecting the language of children.
Mr. Berger’s program improves grammar and language skills for all children, greatly increasing their opportunities for future success, both in their personal lives and in their career choices as well."

Richard Holzer, 35 Years Administrator & Teacher - NY B.A. Penn State –
Former Athletic Director Byram Hills & Somers H.S.

"We are very pleased with Speak For Success. It has made us more disciplined in making sure students speak and write correctly, and the students enjoy the program."

Donna Weber, Principal

"It's helped me speak correctly without slang when talking to adults."

5th grader

"Gee, I sound really smart"

7th grader

"It was exciting to learn about speaking and a joy to correct others"


5th Grader

"Our students did an excellent job of correcting one another and teachers when hearing the rule being broken in speech. This was so impressive that people were talking about how wonderful it was our students recognized improper grammar when speaking."

Kristin Foster
Middle School Director

"This book is a great for students and adults to improve their speaking. It is easy to read. It corrects common errors, and also provides a simple explanation of basic grammar structure. It is especially good for bi-lingual students.

Stephanie Papas - 25 years B.A. Cornell University Reading & math teacher
PS 128 in Manhattan

"This book is fantastic. It teaches many of the things kids should learn in school, but aren't. I wanted copies for all my grand children to help ensure they speak properly."

Harry Jefferson
former Vice Principal WPHS, Univ. of Illinois, former player NY Giant player

Recently I learned of a new program called Speak for Success, which is designed to help students improve their spoken English. After reviewing it, I became interested in implementing it for our cycle 3 students. While I am certainly interested in improving the speaking habits of my students, I also think it is important to take a broader view, and I believe the program can help many schools and our society in general.

Connie Forese, Principal, Pierre Elliott Trudeau Elementary School, Montreal, Canada

We have used Speak For Success with great success for our 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th grade students.

Misha Simmons, Principal

University Heights Charter