Implementation Schedule

Training —

The program goals and the overall implementation process are explained to teachers, staff, and the team leaders in small group sessions of 45 minutes. The importance of school-wide instant correction is explained, the self-test and self-study lessons are reviewed, the progress monitoring tools and techniques are explained. Methods for creating friendly competition and making the program fun are also discussed.

Kickoff —

The program is kicked off to all students in a general assembly. In the first 5 minutes two questions and a short video clip get their total "buy-in" to the goals of the program and explain the value it has for them.

Progress Monitoring —

an automated progress monitoring tool evaluates the weekly quizzes and instantly identifies students who need help. This makes it easy for teachers to provide assistance. 

Course Materials

  • Book – 25 lessons and grammar structure
  • Initial & Final Tests & Weekly Quizzes
  • Teacher & Team Leader Guides
  • Kickoff Guide for total student "buy-in"
  • Computer Self-Study & Self-Test Files
  • Memory Key for Grammar Components
  • Paper Lessons & Classroom Visuals
  • Automated Progress Monitoring System