Improving Spoken and Written Grammar

Creating More Articulate Speakers & Communicators

Why It Is Needed?

Over the last 20 years focus on proper grammar in spoken English has eroded in our society, yet the business sector continues to demand employees who can speak and write well. Daily, television, music, movies, and the Internet bombard students with incorrect grammar and language As a result, it has become increasingly difficult to teach students to be effective speakers and for them to learn the communication skills they need to be ready to enter the workforce. 

What the Program Will Do?

It compliments your current ELA curriculum and will eliminate the 25 most common speaking errors that many students make – in just 60 days, with a 1 minute daily lesson. It will also improve their written grammar and understanding of basic grammar structure, including key parts of speech, sentence structure, and conjugation of verbs.

How Students Benefit?

In the real world, good speaking habits are important. When you apply for a job, how you speak influences whether you get hired, how much you earn, and how fast you advance. Speaking well gives you an advantage. Speaking poorly hurts your chances.