Monthly Cost

Recognizing the scarcity of funds in today's economy, Speak For Success can be paid for over 24 or 36 months.

  • The table below shows the monthly cost for a school ranging from 60 to 400 students.
  • This includes a book for each student, all course materials, training, and travel expenses.

Donor Contribution and Fundraising

The table shows a contribution of 25% from an education patron and/or a local donor interested in helping the school.

Donor funding is currently available for the 2013 semester.

In addition, a unique new fundraising method is available to make it easy to raise funds to cover a large portion or possibly all course costs.

# of Students
After Donor
24 mo.
36 mo.
Special "Family Pack" Offer

 Schools buy hundreds of books at a time, and their cost is $35 per student for the book, tests, quizzes, and paper and computer self-study materials.

So that a family does not have to wait for his or her school to run the program for their children to begin to improve their speaking and writing skills, we are offering a “Family Pack” of two books for $70.

You can implement Speak For Success at home by reading the daily lesson together as a family, during dinner or in the evening. This will benefit everyone and can be particularly valuable to parents as well, especially if English is not the parents’ first language.

For a family unit of two adults and one child, the financial return over the combined working careers can be enormous compared to the very small investment of $70.